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Fig. 1

From: A comprehensive study of the genomic differentiation between temperate Dent and Flint maize

Fig. 1

Population structure of the investigated 136 Dent and Flint elite lines and detection of pool-specific selection signatures. a Images of maize cobs with Dent-type (left) and Flint-type kernels (right) as an example for phenotypic differences between the two germplasm pools. b Population structure and assignment of 136 temperate maize elite lines to Dent (red; N = 70) and Flint (blue; N = 66) pools. Bar plots indicate the relative ancestral composition of the lines. c Sweep statistics based on the panel of 136 temperate inbred lines shown exemplarily for a region on chromosome 8 that includes the Vgt1 locus (dashed gray lines) and Rap2 (solid gray line). Within-group statistics (π, TD, and CLR) are shown in red for Dent and in blue for Flint. Horizontal dashed lines indicate the cutoff per statistic (10 % quantile for π and TD, 90 % quantile for CLR and F ST ). For the region encompassed by the two loci Vgt1 and Rap2, the four major haplotypes observed in the panel are shown. Light gray boxes indicate the B73 reference allele and dark gray boxes the alternative allele of each SNP. Numbers on the right side of the haplotype plot refer to the number of observations per haplotype within the Dent and the Flint panels

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