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Fig. 2

From: Integrating epigenomic data and 3D genomic structure with a new measure of chromatin assortativity

Fig. 2

ChAs in the PCHi-C network and correlations of ChAs values in other networks. a ChAs of the 78 chromatin features in the PCHi-C chromatin interaction network. For clarity, some feature names have been omitted; see Additional file 3 for the correspondence between features and numbers. b Comparison of the correlations of the ChAs values yielded by PCHi-C, HiCap, RNAPII ChIA-PET (ChIA.RNAPII) and SMC1 ChIA-PET (ChIA.SMC1). Ellipse width and color are proportional to the Pearson’s R coefficient (see color legend). Only p values >0.01 are shown

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