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Table 1 The properties of CHiCAGO-detected interactions in human lymphoblastoid cell line GM12878 and mESCs

From: CHiCAGO: robust detection of DNA looping interactions in Capture Hi-C data

  GM12878 mESC
Number of captured baits 22,076 22,459
Total number of unique captured read pairs Rep 1: 46,542,745 Rep 1: 59,963,697
Rep 2: 118,813,226 Rep 2: 82,026,534
Rep 3: 73,881,698
Number of significant interactions 88,667 94,148
Mean number of significant interactions per bait 4.02 4.19
Median distance of cis-chromosomal interactions 173,365 bp 138,077 bp
  1. Input read pairs are given per biological replicate (Rep). Default settings and a score threshold of 5 were used in interaction calling, performed jointly on all replicates