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Table 3 Protein-related fields reported by the VEP

From: The Ensembl Variant Effect Predictor

Property Description
Protein ID Ensembl stable identifier for affected protein product
RefSeq ID NCBI RefSeq identifier for affected protein
SWISSPROT ID Manually curated protein identifier from UniProt
TrEMBL ID Automatically generated identifier from UniProt
UniParc ID Combined protein identifier from UniProt
Protein coordinates Coordinates of input variant in protein product
Codons Reference and alternative codons as generated by input variant
Amino acids Reference and alternative amino acids as generated by input variant
SIFT SIFT pathogenicity prediction and score
PolyPhen PolyPhen-2 pathogenicity prediction and score
Protein domains Protein domains overlapping input variant
HGVS HGVS notations for input variant relative to the protein sequence