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Fig. 6

From: Single-cell analysis of long non-coding RNAs in the developing human neocortex

Fig. 6

Cell type-specific lncRNAs appear to be lowly expressed in bulk tissues. a Comparison of single-cell and bulk tissue maximum expression levels of 105 cell type-specific lncRNAs and (b) 105 cell type-specific mRNAs. Green, housekeeping genes; blue, cell type-specific lncRNAs; red, cell type-specific mRNAs. Projected density plots summarize expression levels of scatterplots along the single-cell (horizontal) and bulk tissue (vertical) axes. Fold changes noted alongside the projected density plots represent the ratio of the median expression of cell type-specific lncRNAs or mRNAs to the median expression of housekeeping genes in single cell or whole tissue RNA-seq. c Comparison of expected cell type fractions as predicted by linear regression (x axis) and observed cell type fractions (y axis). TPM, Transcripts per million; Endo, endothelial; rg, radial glia; drg, dividing radial glia; ipc, intermediate progenitor cell; nn, newborn neurons; mn, maturing neurons; inter, interneurons

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