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Fig. 4

From: Single-cell analysis of long non-coding RNAs in the developing human neocortex

Fig. 4

Cell type-specific expression of lncRNAs. a Identifying cell types using unsupervised clustering. Left – Principal component analysis (PCA) of single cells colored by developmental stage of source tissues. Middle – Complete linkage hierarchical clustering of single cells using genes exhibiting variance greater than expected than from technical noise. Right – PCA of single cells colored by cell types inferred from protein coding genes specific to each cluster. Axes labels indicate percent variation explained by each PC. b Heatmaps of cell type enrichment scores for the 15 most specific mRNAs and (c) lncRNAs in each cluster. GW21p3, primary cells derived from GW21 brain that were cultured in differentiation media for 3 days

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