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Fig. 2

From: Systematic identification of genetic influences on methylation across the human life course

Fig. 2

Genomic distribution of mQTL. a Distribution of mQTL across genomic features; b distribution of mQTL-associated CpG sites across CpG islands; c distribution of mQTL-associated CpG sites across genic features. d Circos plot illustrating trans mQTL at birth (see Additional file 1: Figure S5 for other time points). From the outside: chromosomes, −log10(p value) for association (red points), density of mQTL (blue bars), density of associated CpGs (green bars), density of genes (gray bars), trans associations between SNP and CpG (lines). e Average estimated cis (top) and trans (bottom) SNP heritability for methylation levels at different genomic features. Bar heights show mean heritability for each genomic feature. Error bars show standard error of the mean heritability. Horizontal lines indicate the mean heritability across all features. UTR untranslated region

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