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Fig. 5

From: Evolutionary analysis across mammals reveals distinct classes of long non-coding RNAs

Fig. 5

Conserved lncRNA promoters display strong selection for transcriptional control. a In each plot, each bar from left to right represents lncRNAs from pluripotent analysis that increase in conservation: 129SvEv-specific, cast-specific, expressed across all mouse subspecies, expressed in mouse and rat, expressed in all mammalian species, and finally, expressed coding genes. Top: Promoter conservation in SiPhy scores (0 represents neutral evolution). Middle: Percent of promoters harboring CpG island. Bottom: Percent of promoter base pairs that belong to repeat element. b Same promoter metrics as A for mouse-specific and human-mouse conserved lncRNAs from combined lncRNA catalogs, and coding genes. Human-mouse conserved orthologs are split between those with low TTI and high TTI. *** denotes P <0.001; ** denotes P <0.01; * denotes P <0.05 (t-test)

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