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Fig. 2

From: Evolutionary analysis across mammals reveals distinct classes of long non-coding RNAs

Fig. 2

slncky’s orthology pipeline discovers a small set of pluripotent lncRNAs conserved across mammals. a Schematic of slncky’s orthology pipeline and metrics for measuring sequence and transcript evolution. b Top: Sequence identity of each lncRNA loci when aligned to syntenic region of every other species. In the species of origin, sequence identity is 100 % (red); if no sytenic region exists, sequence identity is set at 0 % (blue). Bottom: expression level of every lncRNA loci across studied species. Heatmap colors represent globally-scaled log10(FPKM) values with log10(0) set to −3. log10(FPKM) values were floored at −3 (blue) and 1.5 (red). The majority of lncRNAs are alignable to syntenic regions of other species but not expressed. c Number of lncRNAs found within each species and at each ancestral node (inferred by parsimony). Substitutions per 100 bp are given for each branch. Conservation of lncRNA transcription dramatically falls off even between closely-related species humans and chimpanzees

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