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Fig. 4

From: Widespread RNA binding by chromatin-associated proteins

Fig. 4

Chromatin-associated proteins prefer specific gene structure properties. The proteins had strong preferences for transcript length (a) and exon number (b). The heat maps plot the Spearman correlation between fRIP/input fold change and length or exon number. To their right, we plot empirical cumulative density functions for specific proteins exemplifying substantial correlations. c Because length and exon number are highly correlated, we isolated the role of each using semipartial correlations. We regressed fold change against exon number and computed Spearman correlation of the residual against length (Isolated fRIP vs length correlation) and vice versa (Isolated fRIP vs exons correlation). As can be seen in the resulting plot, and further explored in (d), SUZ12 is affected by exon number rather than length. e In contrast, HDAC1 correlates with length at every level of exon number plotted

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