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Table 1 AIC comparisons of different sets of predictors

From: The intolerance to functional genetic variation of protein domains predicts the localization of pathogenic mutations within genes

Predictor subset 1 (AIC) Predictor subset 2 (AIC) Minimal AIC P
Base (20390.414) subRVIS (20373.159) subRVIS 0.0002
Base (20390.414) subGERP (20370.726) subGERP 5.3 × 10–5
subGERP (20370.726) subRVIS (20373.159) subGERP 0.296
subGERP (20370.726) subRVIS + subGERP (20359.652) subRVIS + subGERP 0.004
subRVIS (20373.159) subRVIS + subGERP (20359.652) subRVIS + subGERP 0.001
  1. This table contains the AIC comparisons between different sets of predictors. All models contain the mutation rate as a covariate (Methods). Entries labeled ‘base’ indicate models using only the mutation rate and no other predictors. P is the probability that the model with the larger AIC minimizes the information loss from the model with the lower AIC