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Table 1 Number of features (genes plus gene complexes), the number of genes covered by any of the features (# incl. genes), the number of counting bins, and the sum of all bin counts for various counting methods and for the complete and reduced annotation catalog. Randomly excluding 20 % of the transcripts from the annotation catalog generally led to a slight increase in the average bin count, with the most pronounced effects seen for the methods defining the counting bins as (combinations of) transcripts (kallisto and MISO). MISO and SplicingGraph consider only genes with at least two isoforms, which explains the lower number of features for these methods (Continued)

From: Isoform prefiltering improves performance of count-based methods for analysis of differential transcript usage

kallisto # features 13,937 12,138 20,410 19,552
  # incl. genes 13,937 12,138 20,410 19,552
  # bins 26,951 21,561 145,342 116,274
  Tot count 23,734,377 21,363,780 37,908,846 35,073,753
  Tot count/# bins 880.65 990.85 260.83 301.65