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Table 1 TFBS enrichment analysis points to altered TFBS occupancy as a mechanism underlying some examples of tissue specific and tissue-invariant DS-DM

From: Trans effects of chromosome aneuploidies on DNA methylation patterns in human Down syndrome and mouse models

Cell type Best match HOMER alignment score Percentage of DS-DM CpGs (n = 419) Percentage of background CpGs (n = 437,650) P value Enriched TF peaks among HOMER motif instances in ENCODE ChipSeq data (p < 0.05 and OR ≥ 1.5)
T cell hypomethylated RUNX 0.79 25.3 11.0 1.00E-15 RUNX
T cell hypomethylated BATF::JUN (FOS) 0.948 21.0 7.9 1.00E-16 FOS/JUN
  1. Top ranked TFBSs from HOMER de novo motif searches, showing a strong enrichment among T-cell hypomethylated loci in DNA sequences with a high alignment to RUNX and JUN/FOS consensus motifs, validated by a finding of enrichment in RUNX and JUN/FOS binding peaks in ChIPSeq data from ENCODE. The full de novo motif search results for all DS-DM sets are in Table S14a in Additional file 2. OR odds ratio