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Table 1 Significant base counts in functional gRNAs

From: WU-CRISPR: characteristics of functional guide RNAs for the CRISPR/Cas9 system

Mono- or dinucleoside count Enrichment ratioa P valueb
A 1.39 9.3E–18
U 0.89 1.9E–03
G 0.92 6.2E–03
C 0.95 5.5E–02
GG 0.64 2.3E–11
AG 1.43 1.3E–09
CA 1.38 6.7E–09
AC 1.47 1.2E–08
UU 0.59 7.5E–08
UA 1.84 1.1E–07
GC 0.77 3.2E–06
  1. aThe enrichment ratio was determined by comparing the average nucleoside counts of functional gRNAs to that of non-functional gRNAs. bThe P values were calculated with Student’s t-test