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Table 2 Locations of the contigs which harbor cloned genes that are absent from the Nipponbare genome

From: Exploring the rice dispensable genome using a metagenome-like assembly strategy

Gene Genomic position from literature Assigned genomic position Minimum distance (bp)a Contig
GW5 Chr05:5360552-5360941 Chr05:5360245-5360553 0 OsIPC05060021
Sub1A Chr09:6403884-6404699 Not assigned Not assigned OsIPC09070023
Xa27 Chr06:23653458-23654407 Chr06:23634625-23634930 18,528 OsIPC06240124
PSTOL1 Chr12:15874815-15875229 Chr12:15874535-15874748 67 OsJPC12160175
OsHKT2 Not assigned Chr06:29552379-29552608 Not assigned OsJPC06300057
Pikm1-TS Chr11: 27506909-27507692 Chr11:27511712-27511965 4020 OsIPC11280248
Pikm2-TS Chr11:27515464-27517260 Chr11:27519921-27520230 2661 OsIPC11280253
  1. a The minimum distance between the genomic position relative to the Nipponbare genome identified from the literature and the assigned genomic position