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Fig. 6

From: Single-cell transcriptomic reconstruction reveals cell cycle and multi-lineage differentiation defects in Bcl11a-deficient hematopoietic stem cells

Fig. 6

The Bcl11a-deficient HSC compartment contained two distinct myeloerythroid subpopulations and showed myeloerythroid-restriction in lineage reconstitution. a PCA loading plot of HSCs based on their expression of hematopoietic genes. Upper panel: the HSCs were labeled based on their corresponding genotypes. Middle panel: HSCs were grouped into four different subgroups and colored based on their locations in the loading plot. Lower panel: HSCs were labeled based on their cell cycle stages defined in Fig. 3b. b PCA loading plot of HSCs with expression of selected hematopoietic genes overlaid. The expression level is calculated as log10(Normalized counts + 1). c GSEA showing significant depletion of the common lymphoid progenitor signature in Bcl11a −/− HSCs (p < 0.001). The normalized enrichment score (NES) of 1.61 indicates significantly higher lymphoid signature in the Bcl11a +/+ HSCs compared with Bcl11a −/− HSCs. d Normalized enrichment scores of different lineage progenitor signatures in different subgroup pair-wise comparisons. *: p <0.05, **: p <0.01 e Analysis of the number of bone marrow (BM) CMPs, GMPs and MEPs with different genotypes by flow cytometry one week after tamoxifen injection. Numbers refer to percentages in total BM nucleated cells. Lin BM cells were analyzed and n = 4 mice for each genotype. f Comparison of the numbers of myeloerythroid progenitors with different genotypes as in (e). g Analysis of the number of BM CMPs, GMPs and MEPs in primary recipient by flow cytometry 8 weeks after LSK and helper BM cells transplantation from donors (CD45.1) with different genotypes. Numbers refer to percentages of progenitors in total BM nucleated cells. h Comparison of the cell numbers of myeloerythroid progenitors in different genotypes as in (g). Cells were harvested from the two femurs of each mouse (n = 4/genotype). The error bar represented mean ± 1 standard deviation

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