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Fig. 3

From: Barley landraces are characterized by geographically heterogeneous genomic origins

Fig. 3

Genome-wide ancestry as a function of distance from wild populations. The map on the left indicates the distribution of landraces sympatric with populations of wild barley. The orange and purple boxes represent the geographic distribution of Northern Levant and Central Asian wild populations. The panels on the right indicate the distribution of proportion of ancestry (Y-axis) in each of the landrace populations as a function of distance (X-axis) from the source wild population with the closest proximity. The boxplot for each landrace population was placed at the population’s median value of the great circle distance between each landrace individual to the closest wild barley individual in the wild barley population analyzed (depicted at coordinates 0,0). The correlation (r) between distance and proportion of ancestry is indicated in each comparison. East African landraces are not included in the depiction due to small sample size (two individuals) in the geographic range analyzed

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