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Fig. 3

From: Differential connectivity of splicing activators and repressors to the human spliceosome

Fig. 3

Predictability of the probabilistic spliceosome. a PS-networks visualized at different cutoffs: P in ≥0.001, P in ≥0.01, P in ≥0.1, P in ≥0.5, and P in ≥0.9 along with a deterministic network of PPIs detected by Y2H. b-d Cross-validation results. b Predictability by protein family. The height of the column indicates the percent of correctly predicted PPIs for SR proteins (red), hnRNPs (blue), snRNPs (purple), and LSm proteins (yellow). c Sensitivity (dark gray) and specificity (light gray). d Mathew’s correlation coefficient. e Distribution of P in values in the PS-network. Dark gray indicates values above the threshold P in ≥0.1. f Independent contribution of transitivity and co-expression. The plot shows the percent of correctly predicted PPIs for the full model, using: a combination of transitivity and co-expression (black); transitivity only (dark gray); co-expression (light gray); and as predicted by chance (white)

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