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Fig. 5

From: Inferring regulatory element landscapes and transcription factor networks from cancer methylomes

Fig. 5

Gene Ontology (GO) enrichment analysis for genes identified in more than one cancer type. All genes identified in more than one cancer type by probe-gene pairs were analyzed for enrichment in particular GO categories, using the TopGO program. Activated genes (associated with hypomethylated enhancer probes) are shown in (a) and inactivated genes (associated with hypermethylated enhancer probes) are shown in (b). All GO categories with an adjusted enrichment P value of less than 0.01 (indicated next to the category name) and fold change more than 1.5 are included in the figure, and categories within the same biological process (color) are ordered by enrichment fold change (shown on the x axis). The adjusted enrichment P values are labeled in white in the graph

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