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Table 1 Fasciola hepatica assembly statistics

From: The Fasciola hepatica genome: gene duplication and polymorphism reveals adaptation to the host environment and the capacity for rapid evolution

Metric Value
Scaffold N50 204 Kbp (REAPR 155 Kbpa)
Number of scaffolds ≥3 Kbp 20,158
Number of scaffolds ≥1 Kbp 45,354
Contig N50 (≥100 bp) 9.7 K bp
Number of contigs (≥100 bp) 254,014
Total assembly length 1.275 Gbp
Total length of gaps 91.6 Mbp
Repetitive content 32%
Number of RNAseq-supported gene models 22,676 (15,740b)
Mean number of exons/gene 5.3
Mean exon size (95% range) 303 bp (36 bp – 1,369 bp)
Mean intron size (95% range) 3.7 Kbp (33 bp - 17.5 Kbp)
Proportion CEGMA core eukaryotic genes found 90%
  1. aN50 following breakage of some scaffolds at areas to low support. Both assemblies are available from ENA under project accession PRJEB6687.
  2. bNumber of non-overlapping, distinct genome intervals covered by RNAseq-supported gene models.