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Table 2 Genome assembly statistics of Bombus terrestris (Bter_1.0) and Bombus impatiens (BIMP_2.0)

From: The genomes of two key bumblebee species with primitive eusocial organization

Genome assembly Bter_1.0 BIMP_2.0
Total sequence length 236 Mb 243 Mb
Total assembly length 249 Mb 247 Mb
Number of scaffolds 5,678 1,505
Scaffold N50 3.5 Mb 1.4 Mb
Number of contigs 10,672 12,033
Contig N50 76.0 Kb 57.1 Kb
  1. Statistics are based on all scaffolds longer than 1,000 bp for BIMP_2.0.