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Figure 9

From: Deleterious effects of endocrine disruptors are corrected in the mammalian germline by epigenome reprogramming

Figure 9

Search for immediate and persistent changes in RNA levels after ED exposure of G1 prospermatogonia. G1R prospermatogonia were purified at 17.5 dpc from female or male fetuses exposed in utero to BPA, DEHP, VZ, or vehicle control (‘oil’) and G2R prospermatogonia were also purified. Trancription of mRNA was measured using Affymetrix 1.0ST chips and the data were statistically analyzed in the Partek suite. (A) Principal component analysis of the samples. Note that the major principal component is sex and the second is generation. In addition, G1R male samples are separated by ED treatment. (B) Selected control transcripts are shown with known reciprocal expression patterns in the two sexes. (C) Selected top hits are shown that are upregulated in BPA-exposed G1R prospermatogonia. These genes are known targets of β-estradiol. (D) Selected top hits in VZ- and DEHP-exposed G1R propsermatogonia. Note that the androgen pathway is affected.

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