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Figure 1

From: The lncRNA Firre anchors the inactive X chromosome to the nucleolus by binding CTCF and maintains H3K27me3 methylation

Figure 1

The Firre/FIRRE loci bind CTCF and RAD21 in mouse and human females. (A) Schematic of the mouse X chromosome showing the location of Firre, and Xist. Blow-up shows the lncRNA Firre (transcription direction marked by an arrow) with the location of segmental duplications of tandem repeats (same color indicates paired duplicated regions). Cen, centromere; Tel, telomere. (B) CTCF and RAD21 are bound to Firre in female liver (FL) but not in male liver (ML). ChIP-chip data are shown as log2 ChIP/input. Genomic coordinates are shown at top. (C) CTCF, cohesin (SMC3 and RAD21), and YY1 are bound to FIRRE in female (red) but not in male human B-lymphocytes (blue). Peak center tracks (darker color indicates peak strength) from the human ENCODE project [45]. Genomic coordinates are shown at top.

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