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Figure 3

From: Unraveling heterogeneous susceptibility and the evolution of breast cancer using a systems biology approach

Figure 3

Transcriptomic expression patterns from mouse and human tumors. (A) Unsupervised clusters of mouse tumors based on a signature of 782 transcripts that defined seven mouse clusters derived from the mouse signature (MCMS; top). A list of transcripts included in this signature is provided in Table S6 in Additional file 1. The percentage and absolute number of tumors from FVB, F1 and F1BX mice included in each cluster are indicated at the bottom. ‘N’ means normal mammary glands. (B) The MCMS identified had prognosis implications in terms of latency and lifespan. The best prognosis MCMS clusters were 5 and 7. (C) Mouse and human tumors clustered together independently of the species of origin. The x-axis with the identification numbers is amplified in Figure S2 in Additional file 2. (D) Part of the mouse signature was able to classify human ERBB2 tumors in three clusters of prognosis. We include the list of 354 transcripts in Table S8 in Additional file 1 together with the heat map in Figure S3A in Additional file 2. The Kaplan-Meier curves show the different behavior of these clusters of human breast cancer regarding distant metastases, relapse and survival.

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