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Figure 6

From: Copy number variation in Y chromosome multicopy genes is linked to a paternal parent-of-origin effect on CNS autoimmune disease in female offspring

Figure 6

Natural polymorphic variation in ChrY influences cytokine profiles of activated CD4 + T cells from female offspring of B6-ChrY SJL consomic mice. Purified CD4+ T cells from B6-ChrYSJL and B6 lymph nodes were incubated with anti-CD3 and anti-CD28 monoclonal antibodies and the supernatants were tested for IFN-γ, IL-6, and IL-17 production after 24, 48, and 72 hours by ELISA. Data are representative of three independent experiments. IL-17 was below the limit of detection. Significance determined by two-way ANOVA followed by Holm-Sidak’s multiple comparisons test. *P ≤ 0.05; ***P ≤ 0.001; ****P ≤ 0.0001.

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