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Figure 3

From: Copy number variation in Y chromosome multicopy genes is linked to a paternal parent-of-origin effect on CNS autoimmune disease in female offspring

Figure 3

Evidence that pre- and postnatal exposure to males does not influence EAE susceptibility in female offspring of B6 and B6-ChrY SJL strains of mice. (A) AGD, which is reflective of the level of exposure of females to testosterone during development in utero, was determined for female offspring of B6 and B6-ChrYSJL. Analysis was carried out using the values for AGD after correcting for the effects of body weight. Significance of observed differences was determined by two-way ANOVA followed by Bonferroni’s multiple comparisons test. n ≥ 55 male or female mice per strain across multiple dams and litters. (B) EAE was elicited in adult female mice by immunizing with 100 μg of MOG35-55 in CFA on days 0 and 7. Mice were scored for clinical signs of EAE for 30 days. FM, females and males (sire and siblings) co-housed until weaning; FO, female only litters generated by removing the sire and male siblings on day of birth. Significance in disease course was determined by two-way ANOVA. n = 5 mice per strain and data are representative of two independent experiments. Data represented as mean ± standard error of the mean. NS, not significant.

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