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Table 1 The quality of the canary genome assembly

From: Using the canary genome to decipher the evolution of hormone-sensitive gene regulation in seasonal singing birds

Contig number 62,459
N50 contig length 60,906
Contig length average 16,438
Largest contig 575,284
Degen contigs total length 104,692,948
Contigs total length 1,026,679,711
Superscaffold number 3,665
N50 superscaffold length 25,151,939
Superscaffold length average 286,906
Largest superscaffold 88,717,954
Superscaffolds total length 1,051,512,088
  1. The assembly consists of 62,459 contigs with an N50 length of 60.91 kbp that add up to a consensus length of 1.027 Gbp. The contigs were ordered to 3,899 scaffolds with an N50 length of 10.77 Mbp. These could be combined to 3,665 superscaffolds by adding collinearity information from the zebra finch. The superscaffolds span a length of 1.051 Gbp and exhibit an N50 length of 25.15 Mbp. Because approximately 81% of the reads were assembled in the contigs, the complete genome of the canary should be approximately 1.2 Gbp in size. Data are given as bp.