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Figure 3

From: Methylomic profiling of human brain tissue supports a neurodevelopmental origin for schizophrenia

Figure 3

Schizophrenia associated DMPs are enriched for CpG sites undergoing epigenetic changes during fetal neocortex brain development. (A) Correlation between DNA methylation and neurodevelopmental age (days post-conception) for 98 of the 100 top-ranked schizophrenia-associated DMPs (blue) with corresponding FDR values (red). Dashed lines demarcate DMPs with FDR <0.01. (B) Distribution of the number of CpG sites significantly associated with neocortex brain development (FDR <0.05) using 10,000 permutations of 98 randomly selected CpG sites. The red arrow represents the number of significant (FDR <0.05) age-correlated CpG sites (n = 44) among the 100 top-ranked schizophrenia-associated DMPs. (C,D) A CpG site in MYT1L, for example, significantly hypomethylated in schizophrenia (P = 0.00000175) (C) is highly correlated with neocortical development (FDR = 1.39e-13) (D). Blue points represent male samples and pink points represent female samples.Other examples of schizophrenia-associated DMPs correlated with neocortical development are shown in Figure S6 and Table S13 in Additional file 1.

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