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Table 2 Fo -responsive expression pattern of rdd -downregulated genes in WT Col-0

From: DNA demethylases target promoter transposable elements to positively regulate stress responsive genes in Arabidopsis

  Allrdd-downregulated genes rdd-downregulated stress response genes identified by MapMan Allrdd-downregulated stress response genes
Total genes used in the analysis (n) 279 99 160
Genes showing RNA-seq reads at all three time points (n) 124 40 80
Genes showing ≥2-fold upregulation by Fo infection (n) 46 15 30
Genes showing ≥2-fold downregulation by Fo infection (n) 26 8 17
Genes showing mixed up- and downregulation by Fo infection (n) 14 6 10
Total genes showing ≥2-fold differential expression in Fo-infected plants (n) 86 (69.4%)a 29 (72.5%) 57 (71.2%)
  1. aThis is the percentage against the number of genes showing RNA-seq reads at all three time points.