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Table 1 Cancer oncogenes with amplifications or cancer drivers with biallelic events

From: Metastatic tumor evolution and organoid modeling implicate TGFBR2as a cancer driver in diffuse gastric cancer

Origin Known or candidate cancer driver Biallelic event Allelic alteration 1 Mutation or genomic aberration Chr Chr position or interval Allelic alteration 2
Unique to the primary FGFR2*   Amplification 6-fold amplification 10 117820033 - 119748751  
Common to the primary tumor and metastasis CDH1 Yes Deletion Partial deletion of exon 9 16 68847326 - 68847403 Germline mutation in CDH1
TP53 Yes 5’ splice site mutation Aberrant splicing 17 7578370 Hemizygous loss of 17p arm
Unique to the metastasis TGFBR2 Yes Frameshift indel Stop codon in exon 4 3 30691871 Hemizygous deletion of wild-type TGFBR2 locus
PCDH7 Yes Missense S87R 4 30723305 Hemizygous deletion of wild-type 4 arm
FERMT1 loci Yes Loss of heterozygosity FERMT1 located in 20p12.3 20   FERMT1 mutation
BMP7 loci Yes Loss of heterozygosity BMP7 located in 20q13.3 20   BMP7 mutation
  1. Chr: chromosome.