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Table 3 Analysis of the heterozygote ratio and factors that influenced the domestication history of five plants

From: Comparative population genomics reveals the domestication history of the peach, Prunus persica, and human influences on perennial fruit crops

Plants Free recombination effects in independent assortment Mutation effects Result of human actions and natural effects on heterozygosity in cultivated group
Mating system Mode of reproduction Lifespan Population size
Self-compatibility Self-incompatibility Grafting Seedling Short Long Small Large
Apple, cherry   ↑↑    
Rice, soybean ↓↓    ↑↑    ↑↑
Peach ↓↓       ↓↓↓
  1. Up arrows represent 'increases', down arrows represent 'decreases' and the thickness of the arrows indicates the intensity of different factors that affect the heterozygote ratio in five plants.