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Figure 3

From: Whole-genome bisulfite sequencing of multiple individuals reveals complementary roles of promoter and gene body methylation in transcriptional regulation

Figure 3

Sub-regions defined for each gene. The transcribed region (body) of a gene is divided into 6 variable-length sub-regions according to its exons and introns, namely first exon (FirstEx), first intron (FirstIn), last exon (LastEx), last intron (LastIn), internal exons (IntnEx) and internal introns (IntnIn). The 2 kb upstream region is divided into 5 fixed-length sub-regions Up1-Up5, each of 400 bp. Downstream sub-regions Dw1-Dw5 are defined analogously. In some analyses these sub-regions are further grouped into meta sub-regions, such as Upstream (Up1-Up5), Body (all the exonic and intronic sub-regions) and Downstream (Dw1-Dw5).

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