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Table 3 Sequence variation of MND in nearly isogenic lines of cv. Bowman [17] described as mnd

From: Mapping-by-sequencing accelerates forward genetics in barley

Name Allele Chr Mutagen Original cultivar Backcross Mutation Effect
BW516 mnd.f NA Spontaneous UT1713 BC3 /  
BW517 mnd.h NA Fast neutron Steptoe BC1 /  
BW518 mnd1.a 4HL Spontaneous Mesa BC8 /  
BW519 mnd3.d 3H Gamma-ray Montcalm BC6 /  
BW520 mnd4.e 5HL Ethyl methanesulfonate Akashinrikia BC6 G1642A R505K
BW521 mnd5.g NA Spontaneous Logan/ND15053 BC3 /  
BW522 mnd6.6 5HL Ethylene imine Bonus BC6 Complete deletion
  1. aNo reference DNA of Akashinriki was available. We excluded all SNPs that were shared with cv. Morex and Barke.