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Table 2 Differences in average heritability for different ‘HIL’ categories of the measured CpGs [22] separated by the two probe types on the Illumina HumanMethylation450 array

From: Contribution of genetic variation to transgenerational inheritance of DNA methylation

Probe classification Average heritability estimate
Type I probes Type II probes
HC 0.127 (61,718) 0.158 (71,817)
ICshore 0.220 (7,822) 0.241 (22,192)
IC 0.223 (28,467) 0.223 (68,438)
LC 0.235 (7,722) 0.223 (148,893)
  1. The probes are categorised into those found in high-density CpG islands (HC), intermediate-density CpG island (IC) and non-island (LC), with intermediate-density group is further separated out into those intermediate-density probes that border high-density islands (ICshore). The number of probes in each category is provided in brackets.