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Table 1 Average correlation across all probes of normalised methylation measurements between relative pairs

From: Contribution of genetic variation to transgenerational inheritance of DNA methylation

Relationship Pairs (n) Correlation Expecteda
MZ twins 67 0.200 h 2
DZ twins 111 0.109 h2/2
Siblings 262b 0.090 h2/2
Parent-Offspring 362b 0.089 h2/2
Mother-Offspring 190 0.097 h2/2
Father-Offspring 172 0.085 h2/2
Parent-Parent 58 0.023 0
Unrelated 187,331b -0.002 0
  1. aThe expected correlation under an additive genetic model with a heritability of h2.
  2. bThis is the number of quasi-independent pairs as some individuals are represented in multiple pairings.