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Figure 1

From: MOABS: model based analysis of bisulfite sequencing data

Figure 1

Overview of the MOABS algorithm. (a) Posterior distribution of methylation ratio inferred from biological replicates. Each curve represents the inferred methylation ratio Beta distribution of a CpG. The symbols at the bottom indicate the observed methylation ratios of all replicates. The values on the top right corner indicate number of methylated reads over number of total reads in each replicate. (b) An example of Credible Methylation Difference (CDIF). Dash curves indicate inferred methylation ratio Beta distributions from low (Sample #1) or high sequencing depth (Sample #2). The black curve is the exact distribution of the methylation difference between two samples. The CDIF is shown as the lower bound of the 95% confidence interval. (c) Ranking of three CpG examples by CDIF, FETP p-value and nominal difference, i.e. direct subtraction of two methylation ratios. The three curves are the exact distributions of methylation differences. The corresponding CDIF values are show as vertical dash lines.

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