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Table 1 Significant genomic regions in the Amhara and/or the Oromos populations

From: Whole genome sequencing of Ethiopian highlanders reveals conserved hypoxia tolerance genes

  Chromosomal region A O Tests Genes located in the region
1 Chr6:29796452-29896452   Sπ, Sf HLA-G, HLA-H, HCG2P7, HCG4P6
2 Chr9:33915871-34021871   Sπ, Sf UBE2R2, UBAP2, SNORD121A/B
3 Chr11:84676260-84910260   Sπ, Sf DLG2
4 Chr13:78496785-78606785   Sπ EDNRB
5 Chr14:106322845-106396845 Fst KIAA0125
6 Chr19:42741726-42973726 PBS GSK3A, ERF, CIC*, PAFAH1B3*, PRR19, TMEM145, MEGF8, CNFN, LIPE*, CXCL17
7 ChrX:44982060-45036060   Sπ, Sf CXorf36
8 ChrX:130614060-130752060   Sπ, Sf OR13H1
  1. *Genes experimentally validated as affecting hypoxia tolerance in Drosophila.