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Table 1 Gene set annotation enrichment analysis results for Smaug-bound mRNAs

From: Global regulation of mRNA translation and stability in the early Drosophilaembryo by the Smaug RNA-binding protein

Enriched term or featurea Enriched with FDR ≤ 10%b Enriched with ‘Benjamini-Hochberg’ FDR ( P-value of <0.1)b
Cellular response to DNA damage -
Chaperonin Cpn60/TCP-1 family -
Proteasome regulatory particle/ubiquitin proteasome pathway
Lipid droplet
Glycolysis/gluconeogenesis -
  1. aFor simplicity, terms with similar meanings are clustered or represented with a single GO term, SwissProt keyword, or UniProt feature.
  2. bEnrichment analysis was performed using the DAVID functional annotation tool.