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Table 2 Description of the datasets of tumor somatic mutations collected and analyzed to detect candidate cancer driver genes

From: The mutational landscape of chromatin regulatory factors across 4,623 tumor samples

Site Dataset name Description Authors Obtained from Tumor samples References
Bladder BLADDER UROTHELIAL TCGA Bladder urothelial carcinoma TCGA Synapse 98 -
Brain BRAIN GLIOBASTOMA TCGA Glioblastoma multiforme TCGA Synapse 290 [84]
BRAIN GLIOBASTOMA JHU Glioblastoma multiforme John Hopkins University ICGC DCC 88 [88]
BRAIN PEDIATRIC DKFZ Pediatric brain tumors DKFZ ICGC DCC 113 [89, 90]
Breast BREAST JHU Breast cancer Johns Hopkins University ICGC DCC 42 [91]
BREAST WTSI Breast cancer Welcome Trust/ Sanger Institute ICGC DCC 100 [56]
BREAST TN UBC Triple negative breast cancer University of British Columbia PubMed 65 [92]
BREAST TCGA Breast invasive carcinoma TCGA Synapse 762 [93]
BREAST BROAD Breast cancer BROAD Institute PubMed 103 [94]
BREAST ER + WU ER + breast cancer Washington University PubMed 77 [38]
Colorectal COLORECTAL ADENO JHU Colorectal adenocarcinoma Johns Hopkins University ICGC DCC 36 [91]
COLORECTAL ADENO TCGA Colorectal adenocarcinoma TCGA Synapse 193 [28]
Head and neck HEAD/NECK SQUAMOUS BROAD Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Broad Institute SM 74 [95]
HEAD/NECK SQUAMOUS TCGA Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma TCGA Synapse 301 -
Hematopo-ietic CLL SPAIN Chronic lymphocytic leukemia Spanish Ministry of Science ICGC DCC 109 [71, 96]
CLL DFCI Chronic lymphocytic leukemia Dana Farber Cancer Institute SM 90 [97]
AML TCGA Acute myeloid leukemia TCGA Synapse 196 [98]
Kidney KIDNEY CLEAR CELL TCGA Kidney clear cell carcinoma TCGA Synapse 417 [99]
Liver LIVER IARC Liver cancer IACR ICGC DCC 24 [100]
Lung LUNG ADENO WU Lung adenocarcinoma Washington University School of Medicine ICGC DCC 162 [101]
LUNG NON SMALL CELL MCW Non small cell lung cancer Medical College of Wisconsin SM 31 [37]
LUNG SQUAMOUS TCGA Lung squamous cell carcinoma TCGA Synapse 174 [102]
LUNG ADENO TCGA Lung adenocarcinoma TCGA Synapse 228 -
LUNG SMALL CELL UCOLOGNE Small cell lung cancer University Cologne SM 27 [58]
LUNG SMALL CELL JHU Small cell lung cancer Johns Hopkins University SM 42 [103]
Ovary OVARY TCGA Ovarian serous cystadenocarcinoma TCGA Synapse 316 [104]
Pancreas PANCREAS JHU Pancreatic cancer Johns Hopkins University ICGC DCC 114 [105]
PANCREAS OICR Pancreatic cancer Ontario Institute for Cancer Research ICGC DCC 33 [106]
PANCREAS QCMG Pancreatic cancer Queensland Centre for Medical Genomics ICGC DCC 67 [106]
Stomach GASTRIC PFIZER Gastric cancer Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development SM 22 [107]
Uterus UTERI TCGA Uterine corpus endometrioid carcinoma TCGA Synapse 230 -
  1. The results of all the analyses may be browsed and retrieved through IntOGen-mutations. TCGA, The Cancer Genome Atlas; ICGC, International Cancer Genomes Consortium; DCC, ICGC Data Coordination Center; DKFZ, German Cancer Research Center; IACR, International Agency for Research on Cancer; SM, Supplementary Material of articles.