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Table 5 Descriptive features and enrichments of differentially methylated sites with age across human blood, brain, kidney, and skeletal muscle tissues

From: Differential DNA methylation with age displays both common and dynamic features across human tissues that are influenced by CpG landscape

Positive ageCGs Negative ageCGs
Within CGIs Within CGSs, CGOs
Generally hypomethylated Generally hypermethylated
Smaller relative slope magnitude Larger relative slope magnitude
Greater enrichment in H3K27Me3 Less enrichment in H3K27Me3
More shared sites across tissues More unique sites across tissues
Genes with lower relative FPKM Genes with higher relative FPKM
Near development-related genes Near tissue-specific regulated genes
Generally further from CTCF sites Generally closer to CTCF sites
Enriched within LADs Not enriched in LADs