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Table 1 Features of the Haemonchus contortus draft genome

From: The genome and developmental transcriptome of the strongylid nematode Haemonchus contortus

Total number of base pairs within assembled scaffolds 319,640,208
Total number of scaffolds; contigs 14,419; 930,981
N50 length in bp; total number > 2 kb in length 56,328; 11,000
N90 length in bp; total number > N90 length 13,105; 6,085
GC content of the whole genome (%) 42.4
Repetitive sequences (%) 13.4
Proportion of genome that is coding (exonic; incl. introns) (%) 8.6; 43.3
Number of putative coding genes 23,610
Gene size (mean bp) 6,167
Average coding domain length (mean bp) 835
Average exon number per gene (mean) 7
Gene exon length (mean bp) 139
Gene intron length (mean bp) 832
GC content in coding regions (%) 45.4
Number of transfer RNAs 449