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Figure 7

From: Genome-wide analyses of Shavenbaby target genes reveals distinct features of enhancer organization

Figure 7

Identification of Svb direct targets and their trichome enhancers using computational and in vivo experimental approaches. (a) Flow diagram summarizing the pipeline used for enhancer prediction and validation. (b) Motif distribution coupled to ChIP-seq allows prediction of location of enhancers in Svb downstream targets. Graphs show ChIP intensity at the time of trichome formation (12 to 14 h of embryogenesis). Active enhancers are drawn as cyan rectangles. Pictures show reporter gene expression driven by corresponding regions in wild-type (wt) and svb mutant embryos, as revealed by anti-lacZ immunostaining (green). The composition, orientation and respective positioning of svbF7 (red), blue and yellow motifs is schematized by filled (evolutionarily conserved) and open (not traceable across species) boxes.

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