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Figure 6

From: Genome-wide analyses of Shavenbaby target genes reveals distinct features of enhancer organization

Figure 6

Genome-wide profiling of embryonic genes regulated by Svb. (a) Cross-correlation between conserved svbF7, blue or yellow motif instances and Svb ChIP-seq peaks throughout the whole genome. Plots show the number of motifs found in a 10 kb window on each side of the center of peaks. The P-value for correlation (Chi2 test) is <1E-46, <1E-9 and <1E-2 for svbF7, blue and yellow motifs, respectively. *** indicates a P-value < 0,001, ** < 0,01. Dashed line shows the average number of sites across the region. (b) Modifications in mRNA levels as measured by microarrays between wild-type (wt) and svb (left) or pri (right) embryos in Svb-regulated (green) and control (blue) sets of genes. Dark green dots represent known Svb targets (Figure S1A in Additional file 1), light green novel target genes as validated by in situ hybridization (Figure S4 in Additional file 1) and open dots additional candidates. (c) Whole mount in situ hybridization of CG1273, a Svb downstream target identified from microarray profiling, down-regulated in trichome cells (arrowheads show a raw of ventral trichome cells) of svb mutants and showing further reduced expression in pri mutant embryos.

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