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Figure 5

From: The plasticity of the grapevine berry transcriptome

Figure 5

Non-plastic grapevine genes. Grape berry development markers. Box plots of the 115 most strongly upregulated (a) and the 90 most strongly downregulated genes (b) showing similar expression profiles in all vineyards. Box plots were created using Expander 6.0 [85]. The central line and outside edge of each box indicate the 50th, 25th, and 75th percentiles of expression data, respectively. Vertical lines on the two sides of the box represent the minimum and the maximum of all data, respectively. (c) Non-plastic constitutive genes. Genes with constant expression levels throughout berry development in all 11 different vineyards were ranked according to the lowest standard deviation among samples. The average expression value of the three biological replicates is indicated. The first 26 genes are shown (SD = 0.050-0.100).

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