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Table 1 Sequenced filamentous microorganisms with biotrophic stages that enable dual root interaction studies

From: Interactions of beneficial and detrimental root-colonizing filamentous microbes with plant hosts

Species Organism Interaction Mainly used plant systems Root invasion described Host range Intracellular interface Axenic growth Transform-able Genome
Aphanomyces euteiches Oomycota, saprolegniales Pathogen Medicago truncatula, Pisum sativum Yes Narrow None Yes No In progress
Colletotrichum trifolii Fungi, Ascomycota Pathogen M. truncatula No Narrow Specialized hyphae Yes Yes Other species [42]
Glomus irregularis Fungi, glomeromycota Mutualist M. truncatula, Lotus japonicus, Oryza sativa, P. sativum, Hordeum vulgare Yes Broad Arbuscules No No In progress
Laccaria bicolor Fungi, basidiomycota Mutualist Populus trichocarpa Yes Broad None Yes Yes Yes [43]
Magnaporthe oryzae Fungi, ascomycota Pathogen O. sativa No Narrow Specialized hyphae Yes Yes Yes [44]
Phytophthora palmivora Oomycota, peronosporales Pathogen M. truncatula, Nicotinia benthamiana Yes Broad Haustoria Yes Yes In progress
Piriformospora indica Fungi, basidiomycota Mutualist H. vulgare Yes Broad Sporadic coils Yes Yes Yes [45]
Verticillium sp. Fungi, ascomycota Pathogen M. trunctatula Yes Broad None Yes Yes Yes [46]