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Table 4 Ontology enrichment analysis for drifting and converging pairs

From: Longitudinal, genome-scale analysis of DNA methylation in twins from birth to 18 months of age reveals rapid epigenetic change in early life and pair-specific effects of discordance

GO term Description Adjusted P-value
Drifting pairs   
  GO:0032502 Developmental process 3.21E-12
  GO:0048856 Anatomical structure development 8.34E-10
  GO:0048869 Cellular developmental process 2.15E-09
  GO:0048598 Embryonic morphogenesis 2.61E-07
  GO:0009653 Anatomical structure morphogenesis 9.50E-07
  GO:0007389 Pattern specification process 2.36E-06
  GO:0050793 Regulation of developmental process 3.86E-06
  GO:0007166 Cell surface receptor signaling pathway 5.33E-06
  GO:2000026 Regulation of multicellular organismal development 1.06E-05
  GO:0023051 Regulation of signaling 2.59E-05
Converging pairs   
  GO:0048856 Anatomical structure development 7.43E-08
  GO:0032502 Developmental process 1.01E-07
  GO:0048598 Embryonic morphogenesis 2.14E-05
  GO:0050793 Regulation of developmental process 2.99E-05
  GO:0022610 Biological adhesion 3.66E-05
  GO:0007155 Cell adhesion 3.05E-05
  GO:0045595 Regulation of cell differentiation 7.62E-05
  GO:0048869 Cellular developmental process 1.95E-04
  GO:0023051 Regulation of signaling 3.07E-04
  GO:2000026 Regulation of multicellular organismal development 3.66E-04
  1. The top ten Gene Ontology (GO) terms ranked by FDR (q values) ranked by mean delta discordance across 'drifting' and 'converging' pairs.