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Table 3 Ontology enrichment analysis for age-associated differentially methylated regions

From: Longitudinal, genome-scale analysis of DNA methylation in twins from birth to 18 months of age reveals rapid epigenetic change in early life and pair-specific effects of discordance

GO term Description -log10 binomial P-value
GO:0048513 Organ development 17.68
GO:00048869 Cellular development process 15.59
GO:0030154 Cell differentiation 15.33
GO:0010033 Response to organic substance 14.47
GO:0009887 Organ morphogenesis 14.00
GO:0006359 Regulation of transcription from RNAs pol III promoter 9.66
GO:0000975 Regulatory region DNA binding 8.73
GO:0044212 Transcription regulatory region DNA binding 8.00
GO:0045945 Positive regulation of transcription from RNA pol III promoter 7.51
GO:0048598 Embryonic morphogenesis 6.80
GO:0016480 Negative regulation of transcription from RNA pol III promoter 6.67
GO:0003205 Cardiac chamber development 5.71
GO:0030326 Embryonic limb morphogenesis 4.4
GO:0060173 Limb development 3.82
GO:0035108 Limb morphogenesis 3.62
GO:0048546 Digestive tract morphogenesis 3.10
  1. Gene Ontology (GO) terms significant at an adjusted P-value <0.05 [81] are shown.