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Table 2 Ontology enrichment analysis of age-associated differentially methylated probes

From: Longitudinal, genome-scale analysis of DNA methylation in twins from birth to 18 months of age reveals rapid epigenetic change in early life and pair-specific effects of discordance

GO term Description Adjusted P-value
GO:0000904 Cell morphogenesis involved in differentiation 0.0035
GO:0051056 Regulation of small GTPase-mediated signal transduction 0.0042
GO:0046578 Regulation of Ras protein signal transduction 0.0075
GO:0030182 Neuron differentiation 0.0157
GO:0031175 Neuron projection development 0.0192
GO:0048667 Cell morphogenesis involved in neuron development 0.022
GO: 0007409 Axonogenesis 0.026
GO:0048812 Neuron projection morphogenesis 0.027
GO:0000902 Cell morphogenesis 0.038
  1. Gene Ontology (GO) terms significant at an adjusted P-value <0.05 [81] are shown. For full analysis, see Table S2 in Additional file 2.