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Figure 4

From: CRISPR-Cas systems target a diverse collection of invasive mobile genetic elements in human microbiomes

Figure 4

Abundance analysis of the MGE found in SRS044662_LANL_scaffold_46036. The MGE is predicted to be a prophage with genes encoding phage-related proteins (phage structural proteins, and so on). (A) Correlation between the abundance of the MGE and the abundance of its host, with the data points for 'outliers' in green, and the data point for the source sample (SRS044662) of this contig in red. (B) Detailed reads recruitment to the contig in sample SRS044662, from which the contig was assembled (green lines; the identity bar is shown on the left) and the coverage curve (in blue) along the contig. The genes predicted in this contig are shown as open arrows at the top (for the genes on the forward strand) and the bottom (for the genes on the reverse strand) of the line representing the contig. (C) Coverage and reads recruitment to the contig in another sample (SRS024015), demonstrating a case where MGE significantly outnumbers the host bacterium. MGE, mobile genetic element.

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