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Figure 3

From: CRISPR-Cas systems target a diverse collection of invasive mobile genetic elements in human microbiomes

Figure 3

SRS053630_LANL_scaffold_2818 contains three MGEs with differential abundance patterns across HMP samples. (A) Annotation of the contig: the bottom box represents the contig (with protospacers shown as vertical lines), and the top line represents the genome of H. parainfluenzae T3T1, with which the contig shares similarity. Alignment between the genome and the contig is shown in green. This contig contains three MGEs, two of which are similar to phages based on PHAST predictions (the regions predicted to be prophages by PHAST are shown in red lines below the contig box), and one contains six protospacers (highlighted in the red box). The MGE similar to phage Entero SfV contains most of the protospacers. (B) Relative abundance of each MGE (Y-axis; MGE_UNK in open circles, PHAGE_Entero_SfV in red triangles, and PHAGE_Entero_philP27 in green diamonds) versus the abundance of bacterial host (X-axis) across the HMP samples. MGE, mobile genetic element; RPKM, reads per kbp per million reads.

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